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About Bankbrokers

As an independent merchant services consultancy, Bankbrokers goes beyond benchmarking to increase transparency, reduce complexity, and improve the value of merchant services for companies globally. We help hundreds of companies each year, across every sector, optimize their payment solutions and reduce their costs. 

The Bankbrokers Services

We support our clients in all areas of merchant services. Whether you want to reduce costs, optimize payment solutions or need consultancy support, Bankbrokers Merchant Services is your trusted, international advisor.


Benchmarking & Renegotiation

  • Cost Analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Renegotiation

  • Tailormade solutions


Merchant Services Advisory

  • Future proof infrastructure

  • Optimize backend processes

  • Monetize payment data

  • Improve customer experience



  • Payment process mapping 

  • Payment process redesign

  • Market analysis of options

  • Help with final selection

Our Clients Include 


A Closer Look at Bankbrokers

A Closer Look at Bankbrokers

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