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About FirstMile

FirstMile is an e-commerce parcel carrier that gives e-commerce shippers the best combination of price and service across a wide network of United States Post Office workshare partners as well as regional parcel carriers. Through one API connection, you get the simplicity of one pick up, via FirstMile owned and operated vehicles, and one invoice.

We Help You Simplify Shipping

FirstMile's algorithm drives the right label to you for each and every package, every day, across multiple USPS workshare options; that include first class, priority mail, express, ground and hybrid options. The FirstMile algorithm works by first shopping each package for price and service. It then returns the right label for each unique package, which assures the best combination of price and service for that package within the prescribed service limits you set.


Shop Parcels Across Carrier Network


Algorithm Selects Best Option


Pickup by FirstMile Owned Fleet


Consolidated Tracking & One Invoice

A Closer Look at FirstMile

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Get Started with FirstMile

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