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About FlexPay

FlexPay is the leading Payment Authorization Management solution that recurring-revenue brands use to optimize payments, customer relationships, and revenue. As the top performing AI-powered failed payment recovery solution, FlexPay helps your subscription company maximize customer lifetime value and accelerate revenue growth.

How FlexPay Helps Recover Every Kind of Failed Payment 

Credit card authorization systems use legacy technology built for in-person, single purchase transactions and the system was not designed to support recurring billing relationships that make the subscription business model so powerful. Only the FlexPay platform delivers the highly effective combination of  Invisible Recovery™ and Engaged Recovery.​ 


Invisible Recovery


Engaged Recovery

Invisible Recovery™ is the highly effective payment recovery system applied to most soft declines, interacting directly with the payments system while avoiding customer involvement in the recovery process. 

Engaged Recovery, powered by Symend technology, is the powerful recovery tool applied when customer engagement is needed for payment resolution, such as hard declines caused by expired or stolen credit cards.

A Closer Look at FlexPay

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