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Options for Auditing Shipments
For Brands

We believe there is a gap in the industry for independent test shipments to hold 3PLs accountable to SLA agreements and subjective quality.

Yellow Envelope
Test Shipments

We offer several packages for test shipments:


Starting from 2 test shipments per month - to 10 test shipments per month (with options for multiple locations).

You will receive a PDF report per shipment like this within 5 business days of the test shipment being received. 

Warehouse Robot
Onsite Visit

We know holding accountable the warehouse you own or the 3PL you have hired or are about to hire can be a challenging process. We are here to help! 

We have decades of experience to apply to your warehouse. The importance of understanding how the warehouse works, its capabilities, and its limitations is the most underestimated area in direct-to-consumer brands and is typically completely overlooked.

Our goal is to help you make better decisions in your own warehouse or help you determine who you should work with if you choose to outsource.

From simple to complex we are here to help. Learn more!

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